Vinyasa Flow

The Dance of Vinyasa - The body and the breath dance together through challenge, ease, flow and grace. Inspire yourself by discovering new levels of capacity and willingness in your body. An invigorating and dynamic practice focused on moving the body along with the breath. The experience in this class is one of fluidity and motion. Poses are generally held for short periods of time and emphasis on the rhythm of the breath is encouraged with the purpose of aligning and focusing the mind.

hatha yoga

In this class we will work on centering the energy, focusing inwards, being in touch body, mind and soul, incorporating special healing sounds for balancing chakras, flowy Vinyasa postures to warm and open the body, variations of sun salutations, hip openers, detoxifying postures, balancing postures and breathing techniques. See you on the mat!!

Thai Yoga Massage

Grounding in Love: We will start with a 10 minute guided meditation where we will dive deep in our inner space finding our connection to outer space. Afterwards we will discuss foundations of touch and body comfort. We will apply various methods of Thai massage and the channeling of energy. Beginners welcome. 

Acroyoga Therapy workshop

Harmony in Motion: In this workshop we will observe and have a brief discussion of our unique styles of learning and communicating. We will start by understanding our foundations by finding our connections, body alignment and balance. Then we will explore some therapeutic partner and group counterbalances and stretches, and how they can transition to synchronized movements. Beginners welcome. 

arm balance workshop

To find the strength through your palms, notice where the energy goes and how it functions in the arms. If so, we can stand with our legs balanced and our mobility is varied then we shall have more spacial movement with our arms. However have we thought about the reason why we can’t achieve this? In these 2 hours let’s just put down whatever is on our mind, flow with Diana, and have a fun time.

Bhakti Stretch 

It generally works on our fascia, ligament and joints. We need to carry three principles (Tattvas), during in this practice: stillness, time and appropriate depth to be required. Each posture we design to hold 3 to 5min, remaining our body however we can stay. Ideally is to open our physical body, however it also does all aspects of ourselves emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Bhakti, on the other hand, is to release the yin energy, devoting our love and feeling to beloved ones.

Rising to Our Potential acroyoga

In this acroyoga workshop we will be working on inversion transitions. It is recommended for intermediate or higher level practictioners. 


Day 1: Body awakening guide & Nada Yoga meditation with Indian sacred melody of harmonium & tabla. The class will use Asana & Pranayama to awaken the kundalini energy as well as the universal sound of Bija Mantra chanting to cultivate balance of body & mind.

Day 2: Universal Sound & Prana guided meditation with hang drum. The handpan or “hang drum” is a convex steel drum played with the hands and tuned with multiple notes. It creates extremely beautiful and mysterious tones and unique scales for  the spiritual growth of meditation. 

Day 3: Sound Guided Meditation of Chakra Awakening with Tibetan Singing bowls. Divine vibrations of Singing bowls enables the individuals to go into deeply altered state ( the alpha – theta brainwave state ) in which healing is stimulated.

Energy Creation Workshop


神性的驅使,讓你無法再壓抑這股能量的流動了 創造之流是時候該被引動了, 是時候該透過藝術的流動, 讓內在的蠢蠢欲動的靈魂原動力出來綻放了! The Divine power is forcing us to be who we truly are. It is time to let it flow. It is time to release our inner artists and let them take control of our lives. 能量創造工作坊願能協助來參加的成員們,透過不同的藝術練習如唱歌跳舞畫畫寫作等靜心連結方式,來協助參加者與內在創造的泉源連結,透過藝術創作的過程來憶起我們都是那獨一無二,宇宙神聖創造參與者。 This workshop will help the participants to connect with the source of creation and be inspired to participate in additional activities such as singing, dancing, drawing, and writing. This workshop is meant to help the participants access the universal creation that we all have in the deepest parts of our hearts and remember how unique we all are.

Mindfulness meditation


Practice awareness as it relates to our body, feelings, emotions, and mind states, and seeing things as they really are. We will also establish mindfulness and clear comprehension in the present moment which leads to an intuitive understanding into the nature of the mind and body.



Through the flow of breaths, we will connect a series of simple asana into movements, gently opening up the body to embrace the sunrise. The session will end with mindful meditation. 

yin yang yoga


First comes the vigorous yang asana, deepening the stretch and strengthening the muscles while focusing on the quality of each breath. Followed by the long hold in yin asana, stimulating the meridians of inner organs, allowing the balance flow of chi.

yin yoga


We will stay in each asana for 3-5 minutes. The yin practice strengthens the ligaments, stimulates the meridians of inner organs, and balances the flow of chi. During the stay in the asanas, we will observe the changes in our body, the ups and downs of emotions, and our train of thoughts with mindfulness. This is to practice to be here and now.運用長時間的停留在體位法的方式,陰瑜珈強化身體的軟組織,打開內臟經絡,思ࠊ情緒ࠊ同時,在停留的當下,運用呼吸的陪伴,觀察身體ࠋ平衡氣的循環ࠋ緒的變化起伏

Spreading your Wings acroyoga workshop

You always wanted to fly? Now´s the time to give it a try! It is so much easier than most people think. We´ll give you some simple tools. We´ll prepare your bodies. We´ll put on the safety belt. And then: Take-off!!! Everyone can fly airplane and we´ll prove it to you! You can come with a friend or alone. We´ll warm up and explain a few things to make sure that you´re going to have a perfect first flight. Once we´re up in the air, all you have to do is spread those wings of yours! All levels welcome! 

LEARNING TO Fly acroyoga workshop

In this introduction to acroyoga we´ll show you how to pick up someone else off the ground and literally make them fly!! We´ll warm up together, stretch, get into our bodies and strengthen our core first. Then you are ready to fly. We´ll give you some tools so can give it try. Without having to be afraid to fall but with lots of fun – guaranteed. All levels welcome!

power yoga

This class is a fun way to work on flexibility, strength and balance. It's a Vinyasa style yoga class where we will pair our movements with our breath. It's vigorous but accessible for all levels of yoga practitioners. 

Upside Down 101 workshop


This is a fun workshop designed for students who would like to experience going upside down for the first time. Winnie will explain in detail the proper body alignments and provide useful exercises to warm up and strengthen the body for inversions. Experienced students are also welcome to practice and get creative with variations during the workshop.



This workshop is designed to help you create your own routine that could be done anytime and anywhere. From the warm up sequence and sun salutations to basic yoga stretches and conditioning, you will be exploring different ways to create the perfect routine for your schedule and practice level. This workshop is open-level and all students are welcome to discuss and share their experiences in a dynamic group setting.

Being a Modern Day Yogi


Being a Modern Day Yogi Based in Taipei city and always on the go, Winnie has experienced the rollercoaster ride of balancing among teaching, practicing, eating healthy, and learning. At this event, Winnie will share many hilarious stories from her yoga journey as well as provide realistic advice on how to live a meaningful and balanced modern-day yogi life. 城市瑜珈女孩經驗談 來自台北、說走就走,Winnie將分享在瑜珈教學、練習、飲食、進修之間取得平衡的「現代yogi」生活經驗。真性情、愛搞笑的她將以最真誠的方式,分享如何將瑜珈時時刻刻融入在日常生活中。

anecdotes from india

During this event, Winnie will share many anecdotes and cultural shocks that she had personally experienced in Kerala, India. Her journey of self-discovery shifted her perspectives on her yoga practice and what it means to give back to underprivileged communities. There will be a Q&A session at the end of the talk, where you could ask her anything about living and traveling in India! Winnie將在本座談分享自己在印度的嶄新生活體驗。在擔任志工和瑜珈學生的過程中,她對於瑜珈練習和關懷社會的角度出現了前所未有的轉變。本座談保留特別的Q&A時間,想了解印度生活和旅遊的你們千萬別錯過!

Body Wave

The new BodyWave workshops by Rose Goossen combine principles of yoga and dance with practices of awareness and communication. Activities will incorporate breathwork, visualization, spoken affirmations, yogic asanas, and dance techniques to lead participants on a journey of discovery through the body, the psyche, and the spirit. Yoga mats are welcome, but not necessary. Dress for comfort and freedom of movement.

Sunday: Wave of Empowerment - this is a high-energy expedition through our ambitious and appetitive natures, traversing territory that is active, adventurous, and brazenly confident. This workshop will include exercises in strength, cardio, and interpersonal connection. The featured asanas will target the arms, legs, and core.

Monday: Wave of Release - this is a compassionate passage through the vulnerable aspects of our human experience. This workshop will include exercises in slow and sustained movement, deep breathing, and authentic self-expression. The featured asanas will target release of tension in the hips, jaw, spine, and shoulders.

This event is an opportunity for you to experience the pleasure of connecting with others deeply through the fun game and art of soul gazing!!! When you come, you will have the opportunity to look into other people's eyes for two minutes at a time in silence before switching to the next person. After gazing into 5 or 10 people’s eyes, you will begin to experience a beautiful feeling of opening and appreciation that everyone is unique and has something unique to offer. 

Eye Gazing


Acrofit is a community fitness program designed to build smart, toned, coordinated muscles in a safe, fun & progressive environment. You will work individually, in partnership and in groups to build smart, intelligent muscles through acrobatic body weight exercises. Classes consist of a 60-minute balanced and progressive training program. Be prepared to sweat and have fun!