2019 Oceansound lineup!

This year Oceansound Yoga Festival will feature classes for all levels, from beginners to those seeking deeper experiences.

Our teachers bring with them knowledge from all traditions of yoga including: Vinyasa Flow, Kundalini, Hatha, Astanga, and more!

This year’s teachers are committed to helping you have a transformational experience at this years Oceansound Yoga Festival.


Jun Lee

Vinyasa yoga

Born in Malaysia, Jun started ballet when she was 9 and later moved to New York to pursue her dance career. When she first started practicing yoga, she felt it was just an extension of expression, but yoga turned out to be an anchor that kept her more grounded and she learned to be more focused on the present. Practicing and teaching yoga has also given her a whole new perspective on moving with the breath. The muscles are more at ease with proper breathing techniques and Prana, instead of being rigid with force.

We're so excited to be hosting Jun at this years Oceansound Yoga Festival. We know her powerful and positive energy will be making this years Oceansound one not to be missed!

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Chloe KO

Hatha yoga / backbending

Chloe was introduced to yoga by her mom in 2007. She went to her first class only to make her mother happy but it was a life changing experience for her. She is grateful to share the power of yoga through her teaching to those who join the practice.

Chloe synchronizes her breath with each class. She soaks in the energy from and gives more back by guiding students on how to move their breath and body properly. Chloe has been teaching yoga since 2011 and runs a studio in Kaohsiung. She is certified to teach Ashtanga, Acro and Fly High.

Chloe's Acroyoga classes at Oceansound 2017 opened up a whole new world to those who attended. We can’t wait for her return to Oceansound 2018 so share her teachings again!

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Acroyoga / vinyasa yoga

Rhiann began her yoga journey at an early age. She had severe lower back pain at a young age due to bone structures and bad postures. Her doctor recommended she try yoga to reduce the pain. With consistent practice she began to listen and understand her own body. Goodbye back pain! She loves teaching yoga because she can be of service to others and make a positive difference in their lives. There’s something within all of us that wants to help inspire and serve other people in some way. Rhiann is certified in Vinyasa, Yin, Restorative, Cancer Yoga Therapy, AcroYoga, AcroFit, and AntiGravity® Fitness. As a full time teacher, she feels blessed to spend all her time and energy on something that fills her heart and soul.

Returning again to this year's festival, we are so happy to be welcoming this beautiful soul back to Oceansound this year!

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Rose Goossen

Body wave / Ish upa

Rose was introduced to Bikram Yoga in a friends living room  in Winnipeg. This becomes more impressive when you understand that it was the middle of a Canadian winter (2008, if she remembers correctly) and they had heated the room to be approximately 50 degrees (Celcius), warmer than the outside world. Since then, she has practiced many styles with teachers around the world, and maintains a life-supporting yoga practice that is very personal, and always evolving. She loves the simplicity of yoga, and the unifying effect that is has on all aspects of her being. Rose has a tremendous amount of experience in leading dance and movement workshops in which she aims to inspire freedom of body and spirit among participants.

Rose's yoga and dance fusion classes were a huge hit last year at Oceansound. We are so excited for her return and we know her energy will blow you away. Don't miss her class!

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Catherine Mitchell

Chops Hsu

Hatha yoga / meditation

Chops started his yoga journey while he worked as a personal trainer. It was super challenging in the beginning, but finding the breath and the sense of lightness internally and externally encouraged him to continue exploring this path. What he loves most about the yoga practice is how centering and positive it can be. He began his yoga teaching career in Taipei back in 2007 with Pure Yoga, then moved to Shanghai in 2010 to teach with Y+. Nick moved again in 2015 to Hong Kong to teach with Pure Yoga again. Now he is based in Taipei teaching with Space Yoga since 2017.

Oceansound is very excited to bring Chops to Oceansound for the very first time. His experience and knowledge is sure to inspire and motivate you in amazing new ways!

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Gloria Jones

Rita chang

Bikram yoga / Ghosh yoga

Rita started her yoga journey by regularly practicing Bikram Yoga. What she loves most about the practice is during each moment on the mat, it guides her to look deeper into her “inner self ", which is where true happiness comes from.
Rita has taught Bikram Yoga at Hatha Yoga studio in Taipei since 2015 and has also taught Basic Hatha at Chit Yoga studio.

“We are so excited for Rita to be bringing a Ghosh linage yoga class to Oceansound for the very first time. Challenge yourself with Rita!

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Kevin Juang


Kevin is a yoga teacher from Taipei and also the founder of his studio, ACRO瑜珈空間. What he loves most about yoga is being able to find inner peace in himself and learning to respect his own body and choose the best practice for himself. 

An Acroyoga pioneer in Taipei. No festival would right without his knowledge and experience to guide us and fly us. Don't miss his class!

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Power Vinyasa

Ted is an instructor in Taipei whose approach as more of a guide than a teacher. He would like to share what he's experienced as the best medicine, therapist, doctor and friend—yoga. Through listening to our bodies and breath, each participant can choose where to take each pose and how long to hold. His classes are no pressure environments were we all lift each other up and thrive. Ted has trained with yoga innovator Bryan Kest for ten years. Ted's sessions tap into a richness that runs back to yoga godfather Pattabhi Jois and beyond.

We are so lucky to have Ted join us this year at Oceansound. We hope everyone gets a chance to learn and discover with his unique approach.

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Dennis Lin

Rocket yoga / Fitness yoga

Dennis is a well known yoga teacher from Pingtung and has been teaching sports and fitness for 13 years. From fitness trainer to yoga teacher, he has learned to help students build strength by designing courses that fit the needs of different people so that all can achieve safe and effective practice in a short class. Dennis hopes to share all that he has learned at Oceansound so that everyone can reap the benefits! He is looking forward to meeting everyone this year and representing southern Taiwan at Oceansound 2018!

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