Welcome to the very first Oceansound Yoga Festival! 

We hope you're as excited as we are. We can't wait to see you there, and experience this amazing weekend with you. We've put together some information that will hopefully make your arrival to the festival as smooth as possible. 

Campground Address: Google map
House address: ( big yellow house) No. 51, Eluan Rd, Hengchun Township, Pingtung County, 946 / Google map

Carolyn's phone number: (emergency use only please) 0909-955-787


1 - Arriving in Kenting

Most busses from Kaohsiung will drop you off directly in the middle of downtown Kenting, however the festival in at the Eluanbi Lighthouse which is at the southern tip of Kenting. You will want to take the bus to the last stop. From there you can take a local bus (#9188) to the lighthouse, or take a taxi, or rent a scooter.

Note: If you are traveling in a group you could also share a taxi from Kaohsiung directly to the festival. This will be faster than the bus, and not much more expensive.

3 - Campground check-in

If you are camping, please check in before entering the Spring Scream / Oceansound festival area. Here is a location map of the campground, it is easy to find, and a short walk from the lighthouse area. After arriving, check in at the small wooden station. Give them your name and tell them you are with the yoga group.

5 - Checking into Oceansound

It's important to check into Oceansound after you enter Spring Scream. Please head to the Oceansound Yoga Festival area and check in with Carolyn. ( It is located in the south east section.) 

7 - Attending classes 

You will need to sign-in to each class / activity you participate in. Please be respectful and sign-in at least 10 minutes early. The Oceanside platform has limited capacity. We recommend showing up at least 15 minutes early to secure a spot.

2 - At the light house

After you arrive to the lighthouse area, finding Spring Scream will be easy, just walk to the lighthouse, or ask someone where the light house / Spring Scream is. However, we recommend first checking in at the camp ground.

4 - Entering Spring Scream / Oceansound.

To enter the festival, leave the campground and head back to the lighthouse area. You will see signs directing you the festival entrance. At the entrance, enter the VIP ticket line, and give them your name. If you still owe money for your ticket you will be asked to pay it then. You will then receive TWO wristbands—one for Spring Scream, and one for Oceansound. Please wear them both for the duration of the festival.

6 - Getting help / asking questions

All Oceansound staff and teachers will be wearing red Oceansound lanyards. If you have any Oceansound questions please ask any of these people, or find Chris Hubbard or Carolyn Lu. 

Don't forget these things!

  1. Yoga mat ( although we have some for rent as well )
  2. Re-usable water bottle
  3. a re-usable cup ( for the sparkling water beverage station )
  4. Sunscreen
  5. Comfortable yoga apparel
  6. Hat
  7. Sunglasses
  8. Bug repellent 
  9. Earplugs ( in case there is any noise at night that keeps you awake )
  10. Tissue paper

See you soon!