Discover Oceansound

Our mission is to create a new festival experience—here in Taiwan—that’s not only fun, but healthy and uplifting as well. To do this we’ll bring together teachers and activities that inspire, motivate and empower.

At Oceansound, these things will drive
what what we do and how we plan our festival:


We believe that the practice of yoga, which comes in many forms, can be a powerful way to realize our full potential. Regular practice can improve our health, our ability to self-reflect, build compassion, and increase our self-awareness. We’ll be focused on bringing authentic, high-quality yoga to Oceansound.


We believe that good health leads to a good life. Having fun that’s healthy creates a better experience for everyone. We’ll be focused on bringing anything that promotes true health to Oceansound. 


We believe that sharing our experiences with others, while learning about and appreciating what others have to offer is one of the best ways to break out of our boxes—or yoga studios—and connect with others. We’ll be focused on doing anything that encourages the healthy growth of our Taiwan yoga community. 


We believe our world is a special place, and that it deserves respect and consideration. We’ll focus on making decisions and using products that are sustainable and good for the environment.

Meet the organizers:


Chris W. Hubbard



Carolyn Lu



We would also like to thank Spring Scream Music Festival. Their support is helping make Oceansound Yoga Festival a reality. 

我們還要感謝Jimi和Wade在春季尖叫音樂節。 他們的支持和願意分享他們的節日是有幫助的使Oceansound瑜珈節成為現實。