Discover Oceansound

We created Oceansound in 2017 because we wanted to
see a new type of yoga event happen in Taiwan.

We wanted to create something focused on yoga, that was healthy, fun, inspiring and inclusive of the English speaking community.

We wanted to bring together this community and create opportunities for sharing and discovering the great variety of practices and ideas within yoga an in Taiwan.

Our intention for 2019

Our intention this year is to simplify.

We are creating a space and opportunity for people to spend two nights camping and doing yoga, and spending time together,
and that’s what we hope people choose to do with us.

We want this to be affordable ( for both us, and everyone who joins ) and easy to attend. That means not wasting money on decorations or packaging or anything that doesn’t add much to the experience.


What to expect

You can expect a simple weekend of yogic activities
surrounded by wonderful people who share your enthusiasm.

You can expect a clean campground nestled
in the beautiful mountains of Yangmingshan.

You can expect clean modern bathrooms
with hot showers.

You can expect an event that feels more like a fun weekend camping and doing yoga with friends than a big festival.


What to bring

You will need to bring everything you need for a weekend of yoga and camping. This probably includes at least following:

  • Tent and camping supplies

  • Yoga mat

  • Food, snacks and beverages

  • Towel and shower / bathroom supplies

    NOTE: There will be food available to purchase this year, however their capacity to serve everyone may be limited, so please come prepared with food as well.


Where it is happening

This years yoga event will take place at Bishan Campground in Nehu, only about 30-40 minutes outside of Taipei. The best option is to take a taxi, although public transportation can be used as well.


How to attend:

To attend this year simply send us a message using the button below.

Attendance only: $1500nt

This is a humble financial request for a 3 day event.

But this is the amount we feel is reasonable. We’re not doing this because we want to make money, but because we want to create an enjoyable event for both teachers and students. We want all of the teachers in our community to have a chance to share with others, and the fee is simply a way to help make that happen in the most simple way possible.

The attendance fee we collect is used to provide the basic things we need to host an event: Simple audio equipment, a few tents, lights, provisions and other production costs that can add up even on a budget.

Thank you so much for supporting us,
and joining us at Oceansound Yoga Festival.

Love, OS.