Discover Oceansound

Our vision is to create a wellness festival in Taiwan that is focused on yoga, meditation and healthy living. We want to create something that leaves you feeling better than when you came, inspired in your practice, and connected to the greater yoga community in Taiwan.

That vision is Oceansound. We have a lot of work to do, and it will take time and investment to build the kind of event we hope it becomes.

With your support, feedback and encouragement we know we can
grow and improve each and every year.

我們的願景是在台灣創建一個專注於瑜伽,冥想和健康生活的健康節。 我們想創造一些讓你感覺比你來的更好的感覺,靈感來自於你的實踐,並與台灣更大的瑜伽社區相連。

這個願景是Oceansound。 我們要做很多工作,需要時間和投入才能建立我們夢寐以求的瑜伽節。 但是,在您的支持和鼓勵下,我們知道我們可以

Meet the organizers:


Chris W. Hubbard



Carolyn Lu



We would also like to thank Spring Scream Music Festival.
Their support and willingness to share their festival is what's helping make Oceansound Yoga Festival a reality. 

我們還要感謝Jimi和Wade在春季尖叫音樂節。 他們的支持和願意分享他們的節日是有幫助的使Oceansound瑜珈節成為現實。