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We're excited to announce that this years Oceansound Yoga Festival will take place at the amazing Kentington nature resort along side the Spring Scream Music festival.

Oceansound Yoga Festival does not provide tranportation to or from the event. Please book your transportation early as the event takes place on a holiday weekend and train / bus tickets sell out quickly.

The location:

The Address:

947 Zhongshan Road,
Manchu Township, Pingtung County, No. 205


Transportation options:

Because of the holiday weekend trains and busses all fill up quickly. We recommend those coming to Oceansound book their transportation as early as possible.

Here is a great page on various transportation methods from Gaoxiong and Kenting. Just keep in mind the festival is NOT in Kenting city, but at Kentington Resort.
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- Travel options 
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High Speed Rail
- Express Train
- Bus
- Rent a car
- Share a ride with a fellow yogi