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There will be a few options available for supporting Oceansound yoga Festival, both large and small. Explore our sponsorship packages and select what is best for your organization.

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Our Story

Oceansound Yoga Festival was founded in 2016 by two yoga teachers with a vision to create the very first yoga festival in Taiwan. They hoped this festival could help foster a new kind of community in Taiwan focused on healthy living, yoga, learning and fun!

Oceansound Yoga Festival is an international yoga and music festival, offering classes, workshops, talks, music, healthy food, a community market and transformational experiences that attendees will remember forever. We will be celebrating OS3 for our 3rd year in Fulong, Taiwan in October 2019.

What we believe in
and are looking to promote:


We believe that the practice of yoga, which comes in many forms, can be a powerful way to realize our full potential. Regular practice can improve our health, our ability to self-reflect, build compassion, and increase our self-awareness. We’ll be focused on bringing authentic, high-quality yoga to Oceansound.


We believe that good health leads to a good life. Having fun that’s healthy creates a better experience for everyone. We’ll be focused on bringing anything that promotes true health to Oceansound. 


We believe that sharing our experiences with others, while learning about and appreciating what others have to offer is one of the best ways to break out of our boxes—or yoga studios—and connect with others. We’ll be focused on doing anything that encourages the healthy growth of our Taiwan yoga community. 


We believe our world is a special place, and that it deserves respect and consideration. We’ll focus on making decisions and using products that are sustainable and good for the environment.

OS3: Our next festival

Third time is the charm and we’re looking to improve the charm x100. Our next festival will be bigger and better and will be attracting a diverse audience from Taiwan and around the world.

We will feature amazing teachers, speakers and musicians and more to inspire and motivate health conscious consumers from Taiwan and Asia and beyond.