Yoga for Sex

Saturday 10/5
Location 2


About this class:

Sex is as essential as food, shelter and water. If not for sex, not a single one of us would exist in this dimension. Yet -- sex is continually seen as taboo and conditional, and the global population has limited education about their sex, sexual health, sexual identity and sexual pleasure. Lovers: what's YOUR level of sexual awareness? Do we feel embarrassed or ashamed to talk about these essential parts of our health and human conditions? Do we we limit the pleasures and ecstasies our human bodies naturally GIFT us? There's nothing like a gift to bring us to the present -- which is precisely what Yoga is: experiencing the Here and Now. Let's learn and challenge each other on the topics of tantra (which is NOT sex), pranayama, bandhas, kegels, asanas and other potential tools which can help lead to more fulfilling sexual adventures, regardless of your physical limitations, sexual orientations, experiences, preferences or identities. Partnerships and clothing optional. Open minds essential. Let's begin to break the norms, Lovers, Here and Now, while using Yoga to enhance our sexual well-being. 

About Amrita:

Amrita is blessed as a Lover: physically, emotionally, familialy, spiritually, socially, and inter-dimensionally (not to be confused by any means with enlightenment, however). Her essence is the embodiment of her birth name: "worthy of love", which not only includes receiving love, but especially includes giving love. From the moment she stepped on her mat for the first time, she knew she was among her tribe; she was Home. When asked to describe her teaching/lineage she'll tell you she teaches kitchari yoga: a mixture of everything. For over seven years she learned hatha/vinyasa, yoga for children and teens (especially as it applies to the classroom), and Thai yoga massage from a variety of magnificent and horrible teachers in North America, India, Nepal, Malaysia and Taiwan. Not only has she taught in all these places, she met her most meaningful teachers: her students, ages 3 to 73. Likely she knows a thing or two that you do not; more likely you know a thing or two that she does not. Let's get together, learn, share, move and challenge while using Yoga to enhance our sexual well-being. 

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