Ania Jaworska

Chandra Namaskara

Saturday 10/5
Location 2


About the class:

Chandra Namaskara is a sequence which reveres and honors the energy of the moon. The name is derived from the Sanskrit, chandra, meaning “moon,” and “namaskara,” meaning “salutation.” It is a cooling, meditative sequence of postures that open the hips and heart helping bring a complete chakra balance.

About Ania:

Being immersed in nature has always been a source of Ania’s peace, joy, and inspiration. Yoga came in the toughest moment of her life and aided in healing her heart and body; yoga became home. Living in the USA, Taiwan, Spain, Poland and traveling through India offered vast opportunities to practice and learn from different teachers. For the past year, Ania taught yoga in her home country of Poland. Her students were mainly beginners and with time she noticed how yoga is changing, both, their bodies and their entire lives. Ania’s practice includes “all style yoga”: asana, pranayama, meditation and relaxation. “Yoga is your direct intimacy with the nurturing power of Life. It is the practical means adapted to personal needs, age, health and all cultures.” Mark Whitwell

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