Chinling Hsu

Opening Ceremony
& Crystal bowl meditation

Saturday & Sunday morning
Main Location

The healing power of sound

Saturday 10/5
Location 2


Opening Ceremonies:

Each morning Chinling will dedicate her shamanic voice to a short opening blessing ceremony to evoke higher spirits of the Land from GAYA Mother to bless each one and support each one during our day of yoga and spiritual activities.

Chinling will also participate in our closing ceremony as well.

Crystal Bowl Healing:

Crystal Bowl is an innovative instrument from this century  inspired by Tibetan Bowls, which originally are used in the ritual, ceremony of Tibetan Buddhism. The reason that the Tibetan Bowls are being used in the Tibetan Spiritual ritual and ceremony is because the sound vibration being created by the Tibetan Bowls can rise the consciousness to help to connect to the Devine spirit or the Higher Dimension. 

Different from the traditional Tibetan Bowls  made by different metals, Crystal Bowls are basically made by Crystal. As we are using the computer and mobil phones, the high technology tools, we all are actually take advantage of the power that Crystals can passing the message and enlarge the vibration without impurities. Not to mention, most of the Crystals are living under the Earth of millions years, have absorbed the healing vibration and wisdom from the Gaya Mother for so long. With the Modern form of Bowls’ shape, we can not only feel their radiance, but also listen to their transcendent sound, which lead us to the place we originally from— the Source, where beyond the illusion of pain and fear, and realize the eternal Peace and Joy do exist. 

About Chinling:

From her early young age, Chinling has experienced the power between Arts, Sound and Spirituality. With a long search to balance her body, mind and spirit with her depression in her young adult stage. She gradually find a way to help herself to live more grounded and healthy and happy as her not only passion but profession. Graduated from Expressive Arts Consultant and Education from  California Institute Integral Studies in 1999. She has shared how visual arts, dance, music is a safe, efficient way to work with people’s unconsciousness, to help people’s mind and heart be harmonized.

In 2009 based on her own spiritual path, she dived in deeper to her intuitive talent of sound, and received more professional training of the Sound healing modality. By doing so, she regained the total shamanic power of her own voice and has discover the mystery of sound, which is a not replaceable tool to switch the consciousness from the different dimensions.

She has given workshop to share her sound healing wisdom in not only Taiwan, but also HongKong, China, USA, Mexico.

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