Be the Mountain:
Breathwork + Aromatherapy Healing

Saturday 10/5
Location 2


About the class:

Want to unleash your power, connect with nature, and renew your body/mind/soul? This is the meditation for you! Taiwan is a country full of beautiful mountains and amazing native formosan plants, which are some of Taiwan's most exceptional features. We will be powerfully tapping into all three elements through mindfulness meditation, standing body scan and a meditation mist is specially blended with Taiwanese Hinoki wood essential oil targeted to help you relax and connect -- among other spiritual ways to seek your inner stability and peace.

About Han:

Han is a Chanifit breathwork facilitator and intuitive lightworker. She became enthralled with the power of mindfulness meditation and breathing techniques back to 2010 when she help close family members to combat negative health issues. She has been practicing it regularly ever since and finds it unlike any other healing modality she has experienced in terms of how it focuses the mind, steadies the body, and opens up spiritual pathways previously unknown. She is currently studying the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Advanced Course and working with a NAHA-certified aromatherapist on breathwork therapy. She feels that she can help people to breathe slowly in the moment, which is the best gift she can think of to give back to the world. “ Chanifit Breathwork is a modality that opens the heart and allows healing, non-judging, acceptance and gratitude ; thereby allowing in more energy to give and receive love, to be spiritually connected, and to rise to new levels of awareness.”

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