Jun Lee

Yoga Work-in Workshop
Friday 10/4
Main Location

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About the workshop:

Yoga Work-In
120 mins

While modern yoga has become a "work out" regime for most people, we tend to lose the essence of this ancient practice. The real work is inward. Yoga Work-In is a workshop that aims to activate the Vagus Nerve in the parasympathetic nervous system by slowing down the movement and the mind, so that we can restore our healing power within. Workshop entails pranayama, chanting, fluid yoga sequence, partnering work and meditation. Open level. Bring a blanket.

大多數人已將現代瑜珈當作是一種“運動”,而漸漸脫離了這古代練習的精髓。真正的功課,是內在的練習。【瑜珈往內走】工作坊裡,我們會著重於啟動副交感神經系統裡“迷走神經”(Vagus Nerve), 讓動作與心都緩下來,才能更深的恢復我們內在療癒的能力。 工作坊內容有呼吸練習,吟唱,川流瑜珈動作,雙人瑜珈以及冥想。適合任何瑜珈程度。請帶毯子。

About Jun:

Having been a dancer since young, Jun is very intuitive with how the body moves. After teaching dance and yoga for the past 20 years, she has developed deeper insight regarding body-mind connection. Jun is now an ERYT-500 Yoga Alliance certified Yoga teacher and a Lululemon Ambassador. 從小就學舞蹈的Jun對於肢體有敏銳的覺察。在過去20年教舞蹈以及瑜珈生涯裡, 更提高她對身心關係的洞悉。現在Jun是ERYT-500美國瑜珈聯盟認證的瑜珈老師,也是Lululemon的品牌大使。

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