Lydia Chang

Ancient Hatha Yoga

Sunday 10/6
Main Location

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About this class:

Ancient style of Hatha Yoga combines breath, postures, and spirituality. It is a moving form of meditation that creates full awareness and harmony for our mind and body. This class focuses on a morning ritual including the traditional sun salutation, breathing exercises, and mindfulness to energize and awake the cells in our bodies to start the day. 

About Lydia:

Lydia is the founder of Origin Yoga & Wellness, Taipei’s first yoga retreat centre located by the beautiful beaches of Baishawan. Yoga & meditation has always been a source of joy and inspiration for Lydia ever since she travelled to India to study the ancient style of Hatha Yoga & Ayurveda. The essence of Lydia’s teaching is to inspire a connection with our most natural state of being where happiness, contentment, and peace resides. Prior to moving to Taiwan, Lydia specialized in corporate yoga and mindfulness workshops for leaders in the Finance industry in Canada. Known for her passion and practical teaching style, she has guided hundreds of people through her popular yoga retreats and nature immersion experiences. 

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