Malabika Das

Yin & Joint mobility

Saturday 10/5
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Yoga Nidra

Sunday 10/6
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Morning Yoga

Start your day off with a gentle yin and yang yoga flow including pranayama, and a guided meditation. Yin and yang yoga offers circular joint movements. Yang yoga focuses on active vinyasa flow and strength-building asana. Yin yoga focuses on passive longer-held, restorative and fascia-focused asana. Emphasis is placed on safety, joint integrity, connection of breath to movement, tracking sensations and stress reduction. 

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra can offers an incredible amount of restoration in a short period of time. As the body sleeps, the mind stays alert and all you have to do is follow my voice as it guides you through different stages of meditative practices. The practice can help to balance and integrate deeply held anxieties or trauma as you restore at deeper cellular levels.  You may remember certain parts of the experience and not others. If you fall asleep, you will still receive benefits while the unconscious mind is absorbing the practice. 

About Malabika:

Malabika is an integrative social worker and yoga instructor. She combines yoga, mindfulness practices and spirituality with strength-based and trauma-informed psychosocial work. Her aim is to help others develop self care tools to manage stress, increase self awareness and body-mind-spirit connection. She is trained in yin and yang yoga and Reiki, and enjoys combining music and prana/chi into her offerings. She currently teaches her Yoga for Wellness Courses at the Community Services Center and Integrative Body Mind Spirit Social Work at National Taiwan University’s Social Work Department.  She also facilitates community based, outdoor yoga through the MeetUp group Taipei Pop Up Yoga with Mala.  

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