Naoise Nature


Sunday 10/6
Location 2

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About this class:

In this class we practice Pranayama, We will take a detailed look into how we do pranayama one of the 4 pillars of Yoga. The Practice of Pranayama can bring excellent health benefits and it is highly encouraged for one to try it, to learn how to quill the mind and extract life force both within the body and externally can revitalise & rejuvenate our body and nourish our mind. The main method of utilizing this abundant life force is through breath control. We will delve into many different breathing exercises aimed for various effects to invigorate ourselves.

Come join Naoise Nature, a fun loving man, who throughly enjoys being light within and a joy to be around. He welcomes new students and is very patient to demonstrate the breathing exercises slowly & methodically.

About Naoise:

Naoise Nature is originally home trained in pranayama, he has been practicing  yoga since 2013, starting at united yoga with Ted. In 2017 he travelled to India, and sat with many advanced yoga practitioners in the school of Omkarananda in Rishikesh. Naoise Nature is certified in myofacial studies and trained in Ashtanga Sequences.