Therapeutic Yoga for the Mindful Brain

Sunday 10/6
Location 1

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About this class:

How long have you not breathed smoothly? How long have you not listened carefully of your body? 

Breathing, is the essential core of living. Panay will guide everyone in this course to follow your breath, to sense your body and to relax your tension deeply. Transferring your inside and outside all to your breath and experiencing the synchronization of heart, body and mind.

ABout Panay:

I hope I can share my Yoga experience and knowledge with everybody, encourage people start to recognize their own bodies directly, using Yoga position to discover internal awareness and reaches self-aware and self-observation abilities, bringing everyone to find out own meaning of itself. Apart from Yoga, I also like to surf, challenging limit and extreme sports. By multiple learning, I want to combine Yoga and them to form a new innovative activity.

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