Patti Chou

Saturday 10/5
Main Location


About this class:

In this class we'll take the time and space dedicated to refining the body in very common poses so we don't miss out on the little things that can be missed due to the speed and complexity of flowing through a vinyasa class.

This class is suitable for first time yogis and advanced practitioners. Not only can you focus on the way the body should feel and respond in a shape, but you can also find space to work on breath. This time and focus can highlight areas in the body that need more strength or opening, and can help you to find some modifications to build that strength and length.

*This class may include arm balance, pranayama, and meditation.

About Patti:

Patti aims to make each practice more accessible and sustainable for her students, refine their practice within each asana, assist in identifying their detrimental physical and mental habits, and create a safe place for self exploration.