Rajakumar Sathapan

Hamsālaya Yoga
Saturday 10/5
Main Space


About this class:

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Rajakumar Sathappan is the founder of Hamsālaya Yoga. Raj practices classical hatha yoga and teaches his class according to ancient yogic texts. His teaching style revolves around the overall wellness of a person and not just limited to the body. He has a unique way of blending dhyana, asana, pranayama, yoga nidra and spirituality into each class. Over the years, he has trained a lot of students transform into holistic teachers and also imparted deeper yoga wisdom to many teachers. Raj inspires people to pursue health, happiness and eco-consciousness. His lightheartedness is contagious as he guides students to move easily to the next level of their personal practice. Yoga is a blessing and he enjoys sharing it with others!

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