Sarah Wulbrecht

Sacred Feminine

Saturday 10/5
Location 2

Yin Retreat Pond.jpg

About this class:

Sacred Feminine is a yoga class that explores the divine feminine aspect in each of us, regardless of gender. What this class WON'T be: muscling into long holds and challenging poses, focusing on rigid alignment and linear motions. What this class WILL be: a fluid exploration of your body as it works within a pose, encouraging play and circular movements within and between holds. It might also be a bit of a dance party and a chance to connect with a group of beautiful individuals.

About Sarah:

Sarah is an RYT-200 yoga instructor who loves teaching outside and improvising classes to fit the needs of the participants in that moment. She enjoys adding mixed elements to her classes inspired by functional movement science and anatomy, as well as more non-traditional movements from dance and Buti Yoga. As long as the pose brings the practitioner a deeper self-awareness, it's fair game! Sarah seeks to teach students in a way that they feel comfortable exploring how each pose works for their body specifically, hopefully leading to more play and independent experimentation.

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