Ted Leshnick

Yin Yoga
Sunday 10/6
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About Ted

Ted loves yoga. It all started way back in 2007. It was summer and he was 19. The perfect storm for optimism and adventure under the clear bright blue LA sky. When a neighbor asked him to go to a yoga class, he thought “why not, I’d try just about anything with you right now.” And bam. The love affair was born. Not with his neighbor, but with stretching and breathing! After 90 minutes of moving his body in ways he was too lazy to even imagine, something shined through the cigarettes and alcohol he’d been pumping through his body all freshman year. That something was an amazing cocktail of endorphins and oxytocin. He’d sweat out the sins, and it felt great. Fast forward 6 years and Ted has somehow moved to Taipei. Then he gets the idea to start teaching yoga. He thought, “this yoga this has really made my life great, it would really cool to share it with the people around me.” So he went to Mexico and trained with his beloved teacher, Bryan Kest. Ted has always been a lucky guy. Sometimes he thinks he’s the luckiest boy in the world. After coming back he realized the apartment below him was completely empty! And he had the key! So he started teaching his friends under a blaze of candles (the place had no power). The community vibe was thick, and friends were telling friends about the bald guy who was teaching yoga for free (donations really, but it was a good bait and switch). The golden years, as he’d later joke to his friends. Later, Ted got to greedy when he thought he could teach a lucrative English teaching job and yoga at the same time. But he now realizes that your energy really can only flow authentically in one direction at a time. So for the time being the community yoga has come to a trickle, still the occasional Saturday afternoon. Now he practices Ashtanga daily when his wrists aren’t hurting. Once he gets his priorities straight he hopes that yoga teaching will take home back in, being the forgiving and nurturing spirit that it is. For those who have made it to the end, thanks for reading, and see you for some yin!