Tingting Chang

Be the Mountain:
Breathwork + Aromatherapy Healing
( Han Hsu & Tingting Chang )

Location 2


About the class:

Want to unleash your power, connect with nature, and renew your body/mind/soul? This is the meditation for you! Taiwan is a country full of beautiful mountains and amazing native formosan plants, which are some of Taiwan's most exceptional features. We will be powerfully tapping into all three elements through mindfulness meditation, standing body scan and a meditation mist is specially blended with Taiwanese Hinoki wood essential oil targeted to help you relax and connect -- among other spiritual ways to seek your inner stability and peace.

About Tingting:

Tingting is a qualified holistic aromatherapist based in Taipei, Taiwan. Her background and approach is broad, with more than 10 years of experience in the healthcare industry, and personally witnessed the help of natural remedies for patients and their families. She is fascinated by the meeting point of science and spirit, of modern and ancient, of inner nature and outer expression. She believes in the resiliency and wisdom of the natural world as a mirror for our well-being and personal evolution. She takes a balanced approach to exploring all realms of nature, with all realms of our own selves, for healing and wholeness.

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