Vicky Li

Backbending Fun

Sunday 10/6
Location 2


About this class:

This easy flow class will change your whole imagination of backbending, with more lower body stability exercising and active font opening movement control, you will be bending back more safe and comfortably. Most importantly, to enjoy the benefit without lower back pain or any possible injury during backbending practice.

About Vicky

Vicky started learning yoga since age 32, and realized that yoga is a very powerful way of improving self awareness. With all these years of learning and sharing yoga knowledge, Vicky proves that people can find and light up their inner fire through yoga practices and live as who they really are with a meaningful purpose in this planet. So she would like to work herself hard as an inspiration for women who want to find their true selves and live the way they desire, even more, to become their own goddess in this life. Vicky has hosted over 18 backbend workshops (3 hours and 6 hours) in Taiwan within 2018 with great feedback from over 500 students, and invited to Tokyo and New York for backbend workshop in 2019, and would like to share those essential and crucial knowledge for more yoga practitioners in need.

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