OS3 teacher information.

Overview for this years yoga festival.

First, thanks so much for joining us and helping us to create this event. We’re already looking forward to it, and super happy you like the idea as well.

OS3, as a yoga event idea, is slowly coming together, nice and early, and it feels like it’s going to be a lot of fun this year.

We’ve adjusted some of our vision and ambition for this event. This year we are less focused on creating a “festival” as we are just trying to have a really fun yoga camping weekend with other people who like that idea and think it sounds fun! We aren’t looking for “sponsors” or “investors” or to make things complicated.

We just want to have fun and NOT lose money in the process.

Our answer to this is to simplify. We want to get all our friends involved, and make sure as many people as possible get the opportunity to share what they do and love. We want to cover the basic costs of creating an event while eliminating anything unnecessary. We want it to be affordable for everyone to participate which is why we will only be charging $1500 for the entire weekend.

We want people to have a good time and perhaps discover something amazing.

We want teachers involved who actually like the idea of spending a weekend camping and doing yoga together for the fun of it.

The basics:

  • The dates of the event will be Oct 4,5,6

  • The event will take place at a campground close to Taipei ( soon to be announced)

  • The price will be $1,500 early bird till the end of August and $2,500 after.

  • There will be no “day” ticket price. If people just want to come for one day, they can just come for one day, but the price doesn’t change. It’s already pretty cheap.

  • Everyone will need to prepare and bring their own camping equipments and supplies, as well as their own yoga mats.

  • It is only camping with tents. There are no cabins or or houses or hotels nearby.

  • We are trying ( not sure if it’s possible yet) to create an affordable food plan to cover everyone’s meals through the weekend if they choose it. ( like a buffet) It will be available for all attendees to purchase. Teachers will need to purchase this too if they want it. ( We can’t afford to provide teachers with free food unfortunately)

What teachers get in return for participating

  • A fun weekend of camping with friends who love yoga as much as you do.

  • We are not bali spirit festival, or wanderlust. We don’t expect thousands of people buying tickets and merch. We don’t have anyone giving us any money to support the event, and any money we do have comes only from those people who decide to buy a ticket.

  • It’s generally quite expensive to produce an event. Tents, music, water, fees, supplies, and other things all add up very fast. For example our main tent and platform at OS1 cost us about 100,000nt just for the weekend—to give some perspective. We wont be doing any of that this year, because we just wont have that kind of money. And it’s ok.

  • All teachers will equally share a portion of the ticket price ( about 500nt per ticket sold from EB, $1,000 from GE tixs) It might not add up to much in the end, but we feel this is the fairest way to share, for everyone. The more people buy tickets the more everyone shares and the better we can make our event as well.

  • All teachers get one free guest pass ( a plus 1)

Class & activity planning:

  • We’d like to design an event that people can fully participate in without killing themselves. What that looks like to us is shorter, gentler classes that are designed with the awareness that attendees typically try to do as many classes as possible. That’s fine, but we want people to make it to the end and feel good.

    • Year one and year two we assumed people would do something like this: Take a class, take a break, go listen to some music, maybe take another class. Take it easy. Nope. Almost everyone tried to DO as much as they could. Which means a lot of people were doing back-to-back difficult yoga classes all day, and completely wrecked by the second day.

  • We’re asking teachers to keep this in mind when planning your class.

  • We have some great musicians getting involved who can help you create a live musical experience for your class if you want to, and we encourage you to consider it.

  • All classes are only 45 minutes. We understand that’s not a LOT of time, but we set this time to ensure enough slots for everyone without any one class taking up too much time, and that students get at least 15m breaks between classes.

  • We will need each of the teacher to send a short bio, photo and SM links to oceansoundyogafestival@gmail.com as soon as possible

How the event will be shared this year:

  • All details will be shared here, on our official website of course. But by June we will have a full Facebook event as well and be sharing that.

  • We would like each teacher to create a connected event for your class as well to help promote it. You don’t HAVE to. But it would be nice and help promote the event and your class.

How people can buy tickets:

  • Tickets will be able to be purchased through a select number of teachers, and directly through us. Simple and easy.

The schedule rough draft

Keep in mind we’re working on this everyday to get it as close as possible, but things change over time, and classes, teachers, and lots of things can change, especially last minute. We’ll try to update this for your reference as often as I can.

Screen Shot 2019-06-19 at 8.30.39 AM.png

I hope this helps answer some of the questions moving forward. Please message me with any questions or suggestion for clarifying things.